D.K. Bennett & Associates Ltd.

D. K. Bennett & Associates Ltd. was formed in 1978 by Doug Bennett to better serve the needs of companies and building owner's interests in roof construction and repairs.

As an independent consultant, D.K. Bennett & Associates assures good roofing practices are adhered to and that all specifications are being accurately met. Utilizing D.K. Bennett's services can vastly improve the long term viablity of your roofing system.

Also, if there are suggested changes or variances from the original plans, D.K. Bennett will give an unbiased opinion as to how these changes will impact your your roofing project.

Doug Bennett
Independent Roofing Consultant

What we do for you:

  • ensure your roofing system has been constructed according to the plans and specifications or authorized changes
  • ensure that design, workmanship, and materials involved meets the high standards established by CRCA and the Roofing Contractors Association of Manitoba (RCAM)
  • ensure that quality control is provided by an independent roofing inspector representing the owners interest
  • ensure that the roofing system will be reinspected prior to the expiry date of the roofers or manufacturers warranty and if any repairs which are the responsibility of the roofing contractor are found to be necessary, that such repairs will be carried out at no cost to the owner
  • advise the layman on roofing problems whether it be in the application of the roof system or in the quality of roofing products used for a specific job


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