D.K. Bennett & Associates Ltd.
DK Bennett & Associates offer the following services:

Roof Condition Audit
  • past history of leakage problems
  • a detailed analysis of the condition of the roof assembly and all related items
  • recommendations for repairs, in accordance with CRCA guidelines, itemizing the extent of repairs
  • budget costs for required maintenance or replacement operations based on short-term (one year) and long term (3-5 year) periods
  • colour photographs of the roof condition with emphasis on problem areas
  • a detailed roof plan showing approximate location of all projections and roof levels, inteferences and openings
  • the roof report will be emailed to the client
Roof Repair Specifications and Tendering
  • detailed specification prepared on recommended repair work
  • tenders sent out to a minimum of three roofing contractors for pricing
  • a pre jobsite meeting carried out with the the roofing contractors
  • tendering time allowed to contractors approximately ten days
  • tenders accepted on behalf of the owner
  • tenders reviewed and processed in a final letter of acceptance
  • existing roof system analyzed for insulation rebate program
Quality Control
Roof Inspection
  • Daily and periodic inspection of roof repair operations as well as new contruction
  • daily field report (typed) prepared on each visit
  • all reports will be emailed to contact personnel
  • optional periodic and full-time inspections available to the client
  • optional 1st and 2nd year inspections available to client during the two-year new roofing warranty period
Special Services
  • investigation of condensation problems
  • expert testimony given to legal firms in dispute cases for improper roof applications and/or defective roofing materials
  • gather third party evidence for legal testimony
  • provide due diligence inspections for commercial properties
  • underground and parkade waterproofing inspections
  • wall/roof building enveope inspections
  • provide laboratory analysis of roofing components
  • pre tender design review for architects and engineers
  • non destructive testing of roof systems using infrared
  • evaluation of new roof systems
  • maintenance programs


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